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Constitutional Rights Violations

Successful Civil Rights Advocates

Protecting your civil rights is paramount for the attorneys at Shaka Johnson, Esquire in Philadelphia, PA. We hold employers, law enforcement agents and other agencies accountable when they engage in practices that violate those rights.

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Police Violating Your Civil Rights

Law Offices of Shaka M. Johnson concentrates its practice in the area of police misconduct. Our firm has obtained millions of dollars in settlements from dozens of municipalities, counties, states, and other agencies.

Employers Engaging in Discrimination

Civil rights violations can also occur in the workplace. We go aggressively after employers and other agencies that engage in discriminatory practices. When our clients are treated differently from others, denied promotions or terminated from their job because of race, gender or age, we diligently advocate for them to ensure the protection of their civil rights.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced civil rights lawyer regarding an allegation of discrimination at the workplace or police misconduct during or following an arrest, please contact us.