Shaka Johnson


Aggressive Representation
for Homicide Clients

The need for strong defense in a murder or homicide case is obvious. At stake — your freedom, your future, perhaps even your life. It is not simply enough to have an attorney who claims to understand the gravity of the charge. You need a lawyer who can offer something concrete to help your defense.

At the Philadelphia office of Shaka Johnson, Esquire, our attorneys build your defense based on concrete and proven experience building prosecution cases in murder trials. With decades of legal practice and hundreds of trials shared among our attorneys, we have the strong and reliable ability to pursue an aggressive defense for you.

As attorneys that have experience both as prosecutor and defender in murder trials, we know the system, we know the law and we know how to expose weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

The Experience to Build a Strong Defense

At the Philadelphia law office of Shaka Johnson, Esquire, we work with all criminal law clients in state and federal court, putting the proven record and reliable experience of our veteran attorneys to work for clients. We have the resources, the legal understanding and the reputation needed to handle the most serious and complex cases.

We work with clients who are facing charges of:

  • Murder
  • Accidental Homicide
  • Negligent Homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Homicide by Vehicle
  • DUI Homicide

Unlike many other criminal law cases, murder cases almost always go to trial. Our lawyers have courtroom experience as both assistant district attorneys and defenders. We know how to prepare, and how to gather and evaluate evidence. We can help you prove your alibi, or even prepare a strategy of self-defense. In short, we will help you explore every available option for resolving your case, avoiding jail time and clearing your name.

Strong Philadelphia Defense
Based on Proven Ability

If you are facing murder charges and the serious penalties associated with a conviction, then you already understand the need for quality, experienced and effective representation. Schedule an appointment with our office today for a free consultation or in-jail visit to find out how we can help you build a strong defense. Contact us today.