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Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud

Strong Criminal Defense
for Identity Theft Crimes

Identity theft charges can be as simple as signing a receipt on a stolen credit card at the gas station, and as complicated as federal cases involving organized siphoning of funds from multiple online bank accounts. In an increasingly technological society, the value of people's information has never been greater nor has the exposure of that information.

Because of this brave new world, Pennsylvania is quick to take action against any accusation of identity theft, despite the fact that identity theft cases can be difficult to prosecute and hard to prove.

If you have been accused of an identity theft crime in Philadelphia, call Shaka Johnson, Esquire at (215) 732-7900 for experienced, effective and reliable criminal defense representation.

Experience Representation
in a Growing Area of Law

Often considered a white collar crime, the penalties associated with identity theft and credit card fraud can be severe, and the stakes involved in even a minor charge can be serious.

Whether you are charged with using a roommate's stolen credit card for a night out, or you are facing federal charges of stealing identities and vital information online, we have the technical know-how and legal resources to build strategies for reducing or eliminating the charges being brought against you.

With a background working for the District Attorney's office prosecuting these kinds of crimes, our attorneys know how difficult it can be to build a strong identity theft case. We also know, from experience, where the holes in the prosecution are likely to be.

What Will You Look for in a Lawyer?

As a relatively new area of practice, not all attorneys are equipped to handle even minor identity theft cases. Strong defense requires dependable understanding of how the prosecution builds its case and the investigative ability to gather the right evidence to support a sound strategy. It also often requires an understanding of the legal and practical complications involved in a tech-heavy area of law.

We have been working with identity theft cases as prosecutor and defender for years, and have built the skills and proven ability to defend your case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help.