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Gun Charges

Fighting the Serious Consequences of Gun Charges

There is a standing order among some local DA offices - don't make deals on gun charges. This tough-on-crime approach means that if you have been charged with a gun violation or the commission of a crime involving the use of a firearm, you may be facing a difficult path toward clearing your name and protecting your rights.

You need an experienced attorney on your side that knows how to mount a strong defense for weapon offenses and knows how to expose the weaknesses of the prosecution's case. Our attorneys at the Philadelphia law office of Shaka Johnson, Esquire come from a background as both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys as well as Law Enforcement. We each have more than a decade of legal experience and have taken hundreds of cases to trial. At the Shaka Johnson, Esquire, there is more than a wealth of legal and scientific based experience on both sides of the aisle from which to form a significant defensive arsenal.

We can help you try to fight gun charges, protect your rights and clear your name.

Philadelphia Criminal Defense for Gun Charges

Gun charges are among the most vigorously prosecuted cases, particularly if you are accused of have been in possession of a gun while committing another crime. The addition of a gun charge to a violent crime arrest can add a minimum mandatory of 5 years to the penalties you may be facing.

We understand how critical experienced and effective representation can be in these cases, and our office puts a lawyer to work for you with the legal background and trial experience to be effective. We work with criminal defense clients facing a range of gun charges, such as:

  • Carrying Without a Permit
  • Former Felon in Possession of a Firearm
  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  • Gun Permit Revocations
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Federal Gun Charges
  • Murder/Homicide

As former assistant district attorneys working in the District Attorney's office, our founding attorneys know how the other side builds its case against you. We take that knowledge, along with our ability to gather and evaluate evidence, to build strategies aimed at reducing and fighting the gun charges against you. We know the loopholes in gun charges and the common areas of weakness in the prosecution's case to make sure you have a strong and reliable defense.

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We are a client-focused law office, which means that we take the steps necessary to best serve our clients at every opportunity. We work closely with you during your case, keep you informed and make sure that you have a clear understanding of how we are fighting for you.

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