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Defense Representation for Forgery Cases

  • Altering the name or value of a check
  • Fraudulent filing of credit applications
  • Illegal signature of a credit card receipt
  • Signing as someone else on a legal or financial document

These are just a few of the more common examples of forgery, and the kinds of cases that we at Shaka Johnson, Esquire represent. Often related to identity theft and white collar crimes, forgery crimes involve deception and the illegal transfer, creation or manipulation of documents.

We can provide strong and aggressive defense for your case, because all of our attorneys are former prosecutors that know how a forgery case is built.

Reliable Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our office prides itself on the ability to provide reliable criminal law representation backed by a commitment to client service. Whether you are facing accusations for check fraud, credit card fraud or identity theft, we handle all kinds of white collar crime and forgery cases.

The penalties for forgery cases can be as small as a minor fine and as serious as a felony conviction. At the office of Shaka Johnson, Esquire, we can handle those cases and everything in between. We work closely with our clients to inform you of the charges being brought against you, the potential penalties and the strategies we can create for your defense.

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If you have been charged with a forgery crime in the Philadelphia area, or are facing any kind of white collar crime accusation, our lawyers can put their experience and proven reputation on your side. Our attorneys each bring more than a decade of legal practice to every case, and with our emphasis on client service our goal is to help you resolve your legal problem.

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