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What to Look for in a DUI Attorney

Putting the Right Lawyer on Your Side

DUI representation is among the most commonly practiced areas of criminal law. There are numerous attorneys in any metropolitan area fighting for your business, which means that you may have a tough decision choosing who to fight for you.

What should a person look for in a DUI attorney? What separates one office from the next?

At the Philadelphia law office of Shaka Johnson, Esquire, we can tell you the qualities we think you should look for, and how our lawyers have spent a career in criminal law living those qualities.

What to Look for in a DUI Attorney

  • Willingness to Fight - One of the reasons DUI representation is so popular is because it can be easy to bargain down charges. Unfortunately, this often leaves you with a DUI still on your record, and even if your attorney gets the charges drastically reduced, that conviction may still be on your record. At the Shaka Johnson, Esquire, we start by trying to fight and win your DUI case.
  • Experience - An attorney can only be effective fighting DUI arrests, if they have the experience to know how to evaluate evidence and the case against you. We know how to approach your case from all angles, and be effective.
  • A Proven Record - What good is experience, if it isn't highlighted by success? You don't just want someone who has been practicing law for 15 years; you want someone who has been effective for clients for 15 years. Our attorneys have built an impressive reputation for success over more than 25 years of combined practice.
  • Understands the Prosecution - We believe the most effective criminal defense lawyers come from a background prosecuting cases. The best way to understand how to defend against a case built against you is to know how those cases are built. Our founding attorneys are both former Assistant District Attorneys, and we use that experience to expose weaknesses in the prosecution.
  • Communication and Service - No matter how talented your attorney, or how great a law firm's reputation, if you are ignored or shuffled off to an inexperienced lawyer, then what good will it do you? At the Shaka Johnson, Esquire, you work directly with your lawyer throughout your case. We give you the attention you need.

Strong and Effective DUI Representation

The longer you go without representation following a DUI arrest, the fewer options you may have to defend your case. We understand how important your decision of representation is, but we also understand that time is of the essence. Schedule a free initial consultation with our attorneys by calling our office at 215-732-7900 or contact us online today.