Shaka Johnson


Put Our Prosecution Experience Behind Your Defense

As an attorney, it's difficult to fully understand the cases you handle unless you've been on both sides of the law.

At the law office of Shaka Johnson, Esquire in Philadelphia, serving clients in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey -- we think that being a strong criminal law attorney requires experience working in prosecution. That's why we only hire experienced attorneys to work for us. It is the foundation of our office and key to serving you, our client.

We ask — "How can a defense lawyer understand the strategies being used against their client unless they have experience building those strategies?"

Backed up by a strong commitment to serving our clients, we work closely with clients to pursue every available option for winning or resolving your criminal law case. We have the experience and ability to handle federal, state and municipal cases from DUI to grand jury indictments and wire tap charges.

Building Strong Cases for Defending Our Clients

There are numerous advantages to having a former prosecutor on your side:

  • We know how the prosecution builds its case.
  • We know how to look for weaknesses in the case against you.
  • We know how to gather evidence and investigate law enforcement.
  • We know how to fight in the courtroom for you.
  • We know when the case against you has weaknesses.
  • We know the area judges and how they tend to rule on cases.

From day one of your case, we are focused on building a strong defense while weakening the prosecution's case against you. Our attorneys have the proven ability to gather evidence, access crucial information, work with law enforcement, effectively negotiate and take our argument to trial.

Contact Us Today to Put Experience and Ability on Your Case

Whether you need representation for drug offenses, domestic violence or federal cases, we put the experience of years spent in both prosecution and defense behind your case. With flexible scheduling, in-jail visits and free initial consultations, we want to sit down and discuss your criminal defense case with you. Contact us today.