Shaka Johnson

Grand Jury Indictments & Wire Tap Arrests

Experienced Representation
for Complicated Cases

Not every attorney has the ability and knowledge necessary to effectively represent clients in grand jury indictments and wire tap arrests. It requires a specific set of skills to know the legal complexities and loopholes that can be the foundation of a strong defense.

Our founding attorneys at the Shaka Johnson, Esquire each have more than a decade of legal experience to draw upon. We have attorneys that have supervised Allegheny County grand juries, as well as experience from a career in prosecution including more than 1,000 wire taps.

We put that knowledge, and a complex understanding of how prosecutors can build a case, to work for your defense.

Experience - Knowledge - Client Focus

There are qualities required for strong representation in federal cases, grand jury indictments and state and federal wire tap arrests. Without an attorney on your side that has a complete range of ability and understanding, you are at risk of either ineffective defense or missing out on options and rights available to you.

There is no quality in legal practice more valuable than experience. Our lawyers have years of experience, not only as criminal defense attorneys but also working for the prosecution. At the Philadelphia law office of Shaka Johnson, Esquire, we believe the only way to fight the prosecution is to know how they build their case firsthand.

Along with experience, legal knowledge is critical in highly technical and complex federal cases. With founding attorneys that built their experience working on more than a thousand wire tap arrests, we know the procedural missteps that may lead to a dismissal of your case.

No matter how talented or how experienced your lawyer, none of it does any good if they don't keep you informed and involved. Our office works closely with clients to prepare you for every step, coach you through every stage and involve you in the fight for your rights and freedom.

Put the Right Lawyer on Your Side

If you are involved in a state or federal case, whether you need representation as a witness to protect your rights or you have been subpoenaed by a grand jury or been involved in a wire tap arrest, we can help you protect your rights, liberties and freedoms. Call us today at (215) 732-7900 in Philadelphia for a free consultation or contact us online.