Shaka Johnson

DUI & Drunk Driving Arrests

Many DUI Charges Can Be Beaten

Many attorneys, and even many clients, simply assume that a DUI, DWI or drunk driving case cannot be beaten — that the best you can hope for is to negotiate a smaller penalty or seek diversionary options.

At the Philadelphia law office of Shaka Johnson, Esquire, we believe that many DUI cases can be beaten. It requires experience. It requires understanding of the process. It requires the ability to evaluate evidence. It requires an attorney willing to take the extra steps to protect your rights.

We will be that kind of lawyer for your case.

How We Fight For You

DUI cases often seem cut and dry, which is why not all lawyers necessarily try to beat them, but there are a lot of elements to building a case against a person. Many attorneys who do not regularly practice criminal law take DUI cases, to their clients' detriment. Knowing what the prosecution needs to prove, based on the experience of our founding attorneys' work in the D.A.'s office, we can then know as defense attorneys what to attack.

  • We evaluate probable cause at the stop and every escalation of your case.
  • We review all paperwork for inaccuracies and inconsistencies.
  • We look closely for missing elements of the case against you.
  • We examine the physical evidence and make sure it matches the prosecution's claims.
  • We know what to look for in police embellishments or fabrications - holding officers accountable for their claims.
  • We ensure that proper procedure was followed throughout the stop and arrest.

Even if we aren't able to have your case acquitted or dismissed, we still have all the tools at our disposal that other DUI attorneys use. We can pursue the ARD (Advanced Rehabilitative Disposition) program that can avoid jail time, reduce license suspension and even eventually have the charge removed from your record. If a sentence does include jail time, we can often negotiate for the sentence to be served as house arrest instead.

Put a Strong DUI Attorney to Work

Know what kinds of qualities make a good DUI attorney, and find out how our office can help you fight your arrest. It is important to act quickly to protect your rights.

From the moment you are stopped for any violation, the arresting officer is building a case against you. Don't make it easier for them to make that case. Contact our office right away for a free consultation and to find out how our prosecution experience will work for your defense.